Thursday, September 13, 2012

Three Prayers - Part 2

My altar in Assisi.  A place to say the three prayers every day.

I have been across the pond in England preaching and attending a minister’s conference and then down to Florida for more preaching and a meeting.  I have missed you!  I promised that I would have a part two on Anne Lamott’s three prayers - help, thanks and wow from the personal perspective of my pilgrimage to Assisi and Silicon Valley.  

Help - One year ago this month I was diagnosed as having clinical depression.  I have had occasional bouts with depression during my life but this was the first time I was diagnosed.  What a difference a year makes!  I am so grateful for my wife Kathleen, and friends and colleagues who have been there, especially when I didn’t want to own up to how low I was feeling.  I have had a team of people who have been in my corner the last year that helped me get in touch with my call to take this pilgrimage and start this blog -  Rob Ferguson, my therapist, Ted Purcell, my spiritual director, and Leslie Guttman, my writing coach.  With their help, some good drugs and rediscovering my passion my depression is a memory.  Knowing when to ask for help, personally and professionally, is a key skill for calltrepreneurs.  I forget sometimes, I bet you do too.  Don't!

Thanks - To all the people above, of course, but also to the amazing people I met and who have given their time to talk to me about spirituality and business.  Here’s a list of names and links for you to get to know more about who they are and what they do.  Rev. Scotty McLennan, Dan McLennanDave Evans, James Doty, James Koch, Andre Delbecq, Rev. Scott Scruggs, Dale Miller, David A. BrownRev. Lowell Brook, and Luna.  These men and women are calltrepreneuers who have inspired me with their life stories and how they are making a difference in the world.  I could add the names of the 1700+ members of the Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association I serve who inspire me with the commitment and dedication they bring to their lives and ministry.

I also want to say thanks for the men and woman I will never meet in person but who I have gotten to know very well the last few months - Steve Jobs, St. Francis and St. Clare.  I appreciate all the words that have been written about them but visiting the places they lived, worked and died has made me feel even closer to them. 

Wow - I’m looking out the window of a plane as I write this.  Puffy clouds are dancing outside the window; trees, green fields, lakes and houses are specks below.  When I think of the places I’ve been able to visit the last two months from Assisi, to Rome, to Silicon Valley, to San Francisco, to London I am overwhlemed with a sense of awe (and of course gratitude.)  I have (re)learned that wonder and appreciation for life and the world around us isn’t a matter of where we go or who we are with.  Being wowed by life is “simply” a matter of paying attention.  Take a breath and be awed by what created and sustains us.  Look at a tree and imagine how it got there.  Create something, step back and reflect on the reality that it is something new and unique that the world has never seen.   Help.  Thank you.  Wow.  

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